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Tag you are it!

I have been tagged by Stacy in a post this afternoon. Today we are playing: five questions, information pills five answers.

Where were you five years ago?

~Finishing up my last month working at NALF
~Packing up my apartment in Colorado
~Missing my family
~Spending my weekends at CSU and estate auctions
~Planning new business ventures

Where would you like to be five years from now?

~Traveling with the seasons
~Working less, ailment experiencing more
~Loving with an open heart
~Surrounded by people I love
~Planning new business ventures

What was on your to-do list today? (or is!)

~print pics for a Mother’s Day present
~submit project proposals
~pick up printing
~take dinner to Grandma

What snacks do you enjoy?

~cheese & crackers
~ice cream
~chocolate covered nuts

What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

~Give back to youth, abortion community, agriculture and research organizations
~Invest in land – lots of it – and keep it in agriculture
~Take care of my family, friends and those in need
~Volunteer full time

And I’m tagging:



  • OH!! I learned something about my bestie today – chocolate covered nuts…good to know 😉 Any type in particular? Thanks for including me.

  • Yeah!! Glad your blogging again, I had almost given up wistfully checking it over the last few months! LOVE the new look, gorgeous! And love your five years from now plans!

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