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I had an “aha” moment as I was crawling into bed last night.

They say people come into our lives for a reason, order a season or a lifetime and I’ve always believed that. But in that moment of clarity, dosage I really saw how the reason/season people have shaped my life over the past ten years. I also realized just how very much the type of influences I needed at different points either appeared or came back into my life at the right time.

College years were filled with people who gave me the tools I would need to launch my career (along with the fun friends who made a million memories I’ll always reflect fondly on). Without their presence, order I may not have had the confidence to pursue the jobs that prepared me for the launch of my own business.

In the early years of the business, I often marveled at the number of entrepreneurial women in my life, and felt so fortunate for their support and advice. Certainly without them the hurdles would have been tougher, and I might well have missed opportunities that they helped illuminate.

Then once the company was established, house bought, savings established, and the void inside me ever more obvious, I was blessed to have the guidance of people who helped me begin the personal growth and awareness I needed to tackle.

And now as I work to dismantle the protective layers I’ve so long enforced, and allow love to emanate to the world around me, I find the people who are best suited to help me do that are (re)entering my life.

I know I have a long way yet to go in this leg of my journey, but as I look back on how accurately the tools for success have been placed in my path, I’m no longer intimidated. Everything needed, will be provided.


As I thought back on the people who have contributed so much to my life, it was a wonderment to realize there is one person who has been an influencer at each stage of my life since we were young kids. Thank you, my friend.


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