Jun 2, 2011 - Family    No Comments

Brotherly love

I know, about it I’m supposed to be querulous, but today I’m appreciative. So if you only like my bitchy posts, check back next week. [nevermind, just read till the end]

My brother rocks. He’s my roomie and one of my closest confidantes, which you know puts him far above just a blood relation in my books. “J” didn’t do anything over-the-top to deserve this salute. Yeah, he finished supper and did dishes while I went to yoga (pretty awesome of him), but it’s in the every-day-life that I’m most grateful for my bro. He’s loving, he’s caring, he’s sensible, he gives excellent advice when needed and he listens when that’s all I really want someone to do. Mostly though, he’s patient when I’m difficult. He’ll certainly tell you I’m not easy to get along with (I think he’s exaggerating), and he puts up with it all.

The thought of him someday moving out, moving on to a life all his own, scares me to pieces. What will I do when he’s not here? When he has a family that takes priority over slushy drink nights? I mean sure, I will probably will not miss the disaster he tends to leave in the kitchen, on the dining table, the coffee table, the entry table, the entryway floor, the carpet… But I’ll miss him more. And I might even wish I could curse his messy ways when he’s gone.

All I have to say is he better give me A LOT of cute nieces and nephews to fill the gaping hole left in my heart when he moves out.

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