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Nov 22, 2010 - Spirituality    1 Comment

A questioning heart

Whatever you believe, see believe it with all your heart.

My history with religion and spirituality has been a “wicked, page twisted road” (anyone know that tune?). From the time we were born, salve mom took me and the bros to church every Sunday.

Then I went through a couple of experiences in a very short time that had me beginning to evaluate the beliefs I had grown up with. When I started to really think about it, I found that my personal beliefs didn’t align with those of my family or the church.

For a long time, I focused more on what I didn’t believe than what I did. Then this spring I was dating a fellow whose beliefs differed greatly from mine. We often discussed our personal beliefs and challenged each other to defend our theological stances. And finally, I was forced to start truly examining my heart and the many different systems of belief that exist in the world. I thank him for that.

It’s been an interesting year as I’ve grown spiritually, and personally. But I now have peace in my heart and a greater love for the world around me.

If you are comfortable sharing, I would love to hear about your journey.

Note: Many people and tools helped me find clarity on my spiritual beliefs. I would like to thank Teamy for the reading recommendations, Bestie for the support and C&K for reintroducing me to yoga and journaling.