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A toast

So I was just wishing my friend a happy champagne birthday (28 on the 28th) and thinking, mind phew it’s a good thing I’m born on the latest possible day and have such a long time until my champagne b-day… Then I realized it’s only three years away.

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It should be a privilege, not a right

I think being a parent should be a privilege, malady much like a career. Because it basically is. When a person brings a child into the world, they need to be committed to preparing that child to be an adult. And not just an adult, but a productive member of society. Giving their time, their love and their dedication to developing that child into a good person from birth right through the rest of their life.

On one of my bike rides this week, I saw graffiti painted on someone’s back fence. I know this would be no big shock for those of you living in cities, but I live in a lovely (upscale, if you don’t mind me saying so) village.

Where the hell were that kid’s parents when he or she was disrespecting a fellow citizen’s personal property? Where have they been all that kid’s life when they should have been instilling character in their child?

Probably at work. Probably making money so they could buy that kid video games that would keep him or her entertained so they didn’t have to play with the child or teach them.

When did it become acceptable to bring a child into the world and then essentially abandon them?

Where are the parents these days?

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It’s hard…

Being querulous when the sun is shining, rx the sky is blue and it’s destined to hit 20 today is really hard! Thank you, spring, for returning!

Instead, I will leave you with a couple of excerpts from Eat Pray Love, a book that has me doing some deep thinking these days.

“You need to learn how to select your thoughts in the same way you select what clothes you’re gonna wear every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That’s the only thing you should be trying to control. Drop everything else but that. BecauseĀ  you can’t learn to master your thinking you are in deep trouble forever.” – Quote from Richard in Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Tag you are it!

I have been tagged by Stacy in a post this afternoon. Today we are playing: five questions, information pills five answers.

Where were you five years ago?

~Finishing up my last month working at NALF
~Packing up my apartment in Colorado
~Missing my family
~Spending my weekends at CSU and estate auctions
~Planning new business ventures

Where would you like to be five years from now?

~Traveling with the seasons
~Working less, ailment experiencing more
~Loving with an open heart
~Surrounded by people I love
~Planning new business ventures

What was on your to-do list today? (or is!)

~print pics for a Mother’s Day present
~submit project proposals
~pick up printing
~take dinner to Grandma

What snacks do you enjoy?

~cheese & crackers
~ice cream
~chocolate covered nuts

What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

~Give back to youth, abortion community, agriculture and research organizations
~Invest in land – lots of it – and keep it in agriculture
~Take care of my family, friends and those in need
~Volunteer full time

And I’m tagging:


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Kids these days

I realize that’s a bit of a comical title considering my age, approved but I’m convinced there is a wide gap between people my age and the group 5-10 years younger than us.

Is it just me or have good manners, view social responsibility and respect for your fellow man been lost between Generations X and Y? It seems there is a good reason for calling “X” the Generation Me.

You see examples of this change every day – people in their late 20’s holding doors for their elders on the heels of someone in their early 20’s dropping the door in front of an elder; a tremendous decline in the number of people who volunteer between the two age groups; the new “swarming” phenomenon that has resulted in brutal beatings and even deaths of authority figures and elders.

It frightens me.

Last weekend the annual country music festival in my Alma Mater’s town took place for the 19th year in a row. Just five years ago, help this was a celebration of good music, the end of classes and the many friendships made during the school year. Everyone had a good time while looking out for their friends and neighbors and paying tribute to the talented musicians who graced the stage. This year, one of the performers received a concussion and 24 stitches from someone in the crowd who threw a glass bottle at his head. Another singer was disrupted by someone who snuck past security and got on stage with her – uninvited.

It’s hard to believe those kids’ morals and friends didn’t stop them from that poor behavior. And yes, I’ll call them kids. They don’t deserve to be called adults.

Where did the world go wrong in just five years?

What can we do to re-instill these values in the next generation?